Tina Vercillo

Tina joined the board in 2014 with an extensive background in administration, having lead up a team at a large university in Melbourne with over 14 years of experience in Education. She currently delivers training in systems as well as running her own business as a behavioural and wellness coach.

Having experienced strict requirements through working at the University, Tina is very familiar with adhering to policies and procedures; this scope gives her an advantage in being the right support for the President and the board at Restoring Hope.

Tina has been a volunteer with Restoring Hope almost since its establishment and is very passionate about supporting children and young people that have been affected by sexual abuse.
Tina has been involved in all of the fundraising activities to date, helping raise much-needed funds for the ongoing projects. She has also been heavily involved in coordinating the social media content through the online platforms enabling restoring hope to have a voice, over a wider audience.

Tina looks forward to assisting with upcoming projects to ensure Restoring Hopes success going into the future.

Restoring Hope