Kim Elzaibak

Kim is the founder and president of Restoring Hope Inc. Kim was driven to start this organisation during her own recovery from childhood sexual abuse. Her own experience working with therapists, police and the legal system highlighted areas where the victims/survivors were not being supported. Her mission is to ensure that every child or young person affected by sexual abuse can access high quality professional services and support to help them regain hope and begin their healing Process.

Kim has many years’ experience with the therapists at the Centre for Sexual Assault (CASA) on her own healing journey. Kim has built excellent rapport with the staff at many of Melbourne’s centres and this ongoing relationship allows Restoring Hope to understand the needs of the victims/survivors.

Kim is a member of the Women’s Health East Media Advocacy program and is consistently at the forefront of governmental legislation changes to ensure victims/survivors are represented with dignity and care. Her drive and passion are unmatched, as she understands the victim/survivor on a very personal level.  Her message to all survivors is “Hold onto Hope” and we will support you on your recovery journey.

Restoring Hope