Jakub Wolanski

Jakub was a happy go lucky kind of a kid who loved to hang around with his mates and play sports. That was till one evening when Jakub was about 20 years old, heading home from work when he was attacked by 4 men in his own driveway. And although he was lucky to be able to walk away from the attack, the psychological damage was much more severe.

That one evening changed the direction of his life forever. And looking back he is forever grateful as he found his true calling.

After seeking assistance from traditional therapists and still feeling like that past event was controlling his future, Jakub found personal development and became obsessed with understanding how to take control of his own mind and creating true success in life. And in 2014 Jakub formalised his passion for personal development in the way of a coaching qualification, along with other specialised training to assist others in resolving the past to free them to move forward in their lives.

Jakub is very passionate and humbled to assist and guide survivors of horrific past trauma’s and does so with a 100% success rate.

Outside of the amazing work Jakub does in the public he is also a very proud husband and father to two beautiful daughters.

Restoring Hope