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Sexual abuse is a devastating experience for anyone and can affect a person across every area of her, or his, life. Childhood sexual abuse takes away so many of a child’s birth rights. The impact of sexual abuse are many and include mental health problems such as chronic anxiety, depression, hypervigilance, substance abuse, as well as the inability to concentrate, leading to lack of academic success and job insecurity.

The road to healing from sexual abuse is a hard and long journey. In many ways, a lifelong journey. Each person must find their own way and progress at their own pace in their own time.

This beautiful book shares stories of recovery – of journeys back from abuse and how different people approached it. The book shares stories of healing, courage and generosity that are both inspiring and humbling. They present the reality and pain of sexual abuse but, ultimately, they provide information and hope for all those who that have experienced it.

The proceeds of the sale of this book will help fund the core of Restoring Hope’s activities, which is to provide Comfort Care Packs, going out to many of the Victoria Police SOCIT units within Victoria as well as Crisis Care packs to the CASA Centre’s in Victoria. These packs contain items such as; clean clothing, toiletries, empowering statements and images colouring book with pencils and a `Hope’ teddy bear. During an already traumatic time for the victim, these packs bring some hope and knowing, that there are those that care for their well-being.

“This book will be of great benefit to any person who may have experienced any form of trauma through sexual violence, particularly those affected as children.” – Carolyn Gillespie, Convener – CASA Forum

“This beautiful book, presenting the stories of a diverse range of people, demonstrates the differences and similarities in people’s experiences of abuse and recovery.” – Jane Vanderstoel, CEO – West CASA


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