21 Jan
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Funding: Restoring Hope receives grant for Crisis Care Packs

The Restoring Hope Board members are thrilled and excited to announce that we have been awarded our first major grant of $80,000 through The Collie Foundation. This will be used to contribute towards our ‘Crisis Care Packs’ project.

We initially received the wonderful news the week prior to Christmas, with a request to provide some additional information before the funds were to be transferred, which we now have.

How these funds will help

These funds will help us to provide 1000 packs distributed via CASA (Centre Against Sexual Assault). These packs will give direct benevolent relief to victims of sexual abuse/assault whom have been presented to a Crisis Care Unit for medical care and Police reporting. Most often victims clothing will be taken for forensic testing and in some cases depending on the victim’s age, personal belongings such as mobile phones will also be taken as evidence.

Supporting victims in their time of need

Last financial year alone, CASA attended a staggering 1,639 crisis care call outs, shockingly over 500 of this high number were for children and young adults. Restoring Hope identified a missing piece and so our project will allow us to provide up to 62% of what is currently needed to support these victims in their time of need. In addition, CASA also received 15,169 new referrals for counselling across the state of Victoria, so we are planning for future projects to be able to provide even more value to victims.

Staying connected to vital resources

The project has factored in the provision of petrol vouchers and new mobile phones with credit to assist; either the victim or non offending family member to stay connected with vital resources such as trauma counsellors and Police and so they’re  able to travel to appointments. These particular items are not part of the primary ‘Crisis Care Pack’ that victims will receive, although they will be assessed and distributed at the discretion of the trauma expert depending on the individual victim’s circumstances.

Our success is also yours

We are extremely grateful to The Collie Foundation’s for their support through this grant, along with so many other wonderful people who are consistently contributing to this project with their own fundraising efforts. Some of these are Fun Runs, 2016 Calendar production and Home Fundraising events. Thank you to everyone who has contributed over the past year, our success is also yours.

Every little bit helps

Every little bit helps and it certainly does make a difference to the victims who are recovering, it shows them that there are so many people that care for their wellbeing and are standing up to make a difference, to have a voice, and by doing so gives them a glimpse of hope that will help them through their own journey of recovery.

If you would like to contribute to this project in some way, please visit our website and view the ‘Crisis Care Packs’ project outline via the homepage www.restoringhope.org.au or send us an email [email protected]