26 May
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Do You Have A Story To Tell?

Each and every person has a story to tell. Some have the ability to be incredibly inspiring. You have one of those stories. Have you thought about sharing your story?

We can relate

As survivors of childhood sexual abuse, we can relate to feelings of vulnerability, confusion, anger or frustration, hopelessness, helplessness, loneliness and isolation. Dealing with these emotions can be confronting and exhausting. And having to deal with all this can often leave victims feeling they have no way out.

But, we also appreciate how empowering and validating it is to put a voice to the voiceless child that was silenced for far too long.

Share personal experiences

There are many victims and survivors that may be experiencing challenges with finding the courage to speak up or disclose their abuse, and by sharing personal insights from your journey to recovery, you could reassure these victims that they are not alone. Provide them with strength and hope.

Help to answer questions

Your story can give direction and insights to family and friends who are seeking answers to the questions they don’t understand yet. Information around reporting, therapy and challenges experienced along the way.

Providing victim’s support networks with personal insights allows them to understand and be supported in a way that will enhance their recovery.

Shine a light on hope

The most important aspect of sharing your story is the ability to let victims or survivors know where you are now in your journey and to bring out the positive, wonderful things you are doing with your life now, this will shine a light of HOPE.


If you would like to be part of Restoring Hope in their Hearts by sharing your story please contact us at [email protected]