25 May
  • By Restoring Hope
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A Great Big Thank You

We would love to say a huge THANK YOU to all those who registered and are still supporting, our Cup of Hope Morning Tea, which is held from the 1st to 31st May, this year.

For more information about the morning tea please see here

There is also another group of really super awesome people that we would like to make special mention to and they are our incredibly wonderful group of volunteers and partners. These wonderful people have crossed paths with us at Restoring Hope and are passionate about supporting what we do.

To make this event a success, there has been a considerable amount of work going on behind the scenes by some incredible volunteers. Sarah O’Reilly and Tina Vercillo, your ongoing work in the planning stages was amazing and we love how much passion you bring to this organisation.

Some of the businesses who have helped

Kerry from Imprint Designs

Kerry has created some sensational graphics to compliment our theme for the event. Each time I received an email from Kerry with a new design I would literally get teary because she resonates with our passion to help these children and young adults, her designs reflect that passion through her beautiful artwork. Kerry is incredibly gifted in her work and gives so generously for these children.

Andrew from the New Age Geek

Andrew has been with Restoring Hope almost from the beginning and is an incredible person who gives unconditionally of his time, designing and maintaining the website. His willingness to listen to our ideas, work through the processes and having the patience with the five million updates, which include late night messages or very early morning emails that never go unnoticed. Andrew has been an absolute gem and we are extremely grateful for all his time and energy that he puts into helping our cause.

Luke from Effortless IT

Luke has recently joined our team and has been doing a phenomenal job teaching us all about marketing and how to best get our message out to the world. His time and commitment and all the phone calls explaining processes to assist us at Restoring Hope has been amazing. His behind the scenes work with the Facebook marketing has been outstanding and I am forever learning something new from his wealth of knowledge.

Welcome to a new supporter

Restoring Hope has recently had a new partner come on board, Tracy from Hummingbird Press. Tracy has very generously printed all of our business cards and we are looking forward to her continued support.

Cassy, one of our board members and Dayna, another volunteer, are working tirelessly behind the scenes contacting large organisations to help with requests of additional donations to ensure that this event is an even greater success. They have been in contact with some of the large fuel companies seeking petrol vouchers, the public and private transport organisations seeking travel vouchers to help families or carers with the cost of travel to assist these young people in getting them to their appointments. They have been contacting the grocery store giants and some of the larger retail chains to source vouchers that will assist in personal necessities if families have been fractured or separated due to these hideous crimes.

Without all of these amazingly incredible people….this event would not have happened.


And while the morning tea has been going on, the rest of the board have been working on other upcoming projects and advocating for the rights and needs of victims and survivors of sexual abuse. We could not be doing what we are alone, as there is still so much work to be done to restore hope to those affected. Restoring Hope and its members are incredibly grateful and thankful beyond words, not only to those who work so closely with us but to all those who support us.

For those that would like to show your support, there is still time to be involved in this event as the close off date is 31st of May. If you know anyone or have contacts with others in larger organisations that could donate either resources, funds or time we would love to hear from you! Another option is to donate directly to the Restoring Hope website. No donation is too big or small…every dollar counts and helps.

Each child that has experienced this form of abuse deserves our help!